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Google continues to be the leading search engine but that's not the only way to find information on the internet. The internet now contains plenty of information including text, picture and video. So what are the current websites and methods which people search for information on the internet?

If you look at search engine websites there are several types:
Automated Search Engine
The automated search engine primarily uses computers algorithms to find relevant items for you.

Google is a good example of automated search using its PageRank equation.

Metasearch Engine
A metasearch engine website displays information from other search engines. An good example of a metasearch engine is Dogpile which uses Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live Search and Ask.

Viewzi is a good example of a mash-up style metasearch engine relying on other search engines to do the work for it. Metasearch engines

Mash-ups are websites that include information from various sources including search engines. A good example would be Musicmesh which combines information from Wikipedia, Amazon and Youtube videos.

Social Search engine
These search engines really on social effort and collaboration to work. Websites like Swicki and Mahalo are two examples. In search engines like these, users submit information on what websites are relevant or aren't relevant.

Websites like Digg,, Reddit which are social news and social bookmarking websites can said to be social search engine websites as well since users can tag submissions.

The differences between the various search engines are not very clear cut. A mash-up for example could also be considered a metasearch engine and social search engines also used results from automated.


Here are various search engines and what happens you search for 'robots'.


Dog Pile is a search engine that combines results from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live Search and Ask.


Swicki is a social search engine that


SearchMe is a visual search engine that displays an image of webpages rather than the text of the webpages allowing people



musicmesh is a mash-up for music albums and tracks. Here's a screenshot search on red hot chili peppers.


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