Ihug Internet Explorer sessions and resources are designed to:

1) Inform you about current internet website usage trends

2) Explain internet terminology

3) Answer your questions about the internet

4) Provide advise on potential business opportunities with regards to the internet

In order to meet these objectives these sessions will be broken into several topics.

Topics to be covered

1) Social Networking

2) Social Media (Social networking part 2)

3) Wikis and the News

4) Filesharing and P2P

5) Online gaming

Special Topic: Internet and your business

Further topics will be prepared once these sessions get started.

Each topic will be covered in two ways.

1) On the Vodafone and ihug internet explorer website which will provide links and samples.

2) Via a one-on-one session over the phone.

Sessions will last from around 30 to 40 minutes. Both the online report and the sessions will be broken down into:

1) Explanation – A recap of what was on the website to ensure you understand the concepts.

2) Examples – Covering the examples provided.

3) Business possibilities – Discussion of possible business opportunities

4) Q & A – Answering any questions you have

5) Conclusion and next topic – Conclusion and mention of the next topic.

Important Links
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